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Benefits for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

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Maximum Flexibility and Productivity; Minimum Cost

Since 1984, Law Resources has been setting the standard in legal staffing solutions. Law Resources can provide qualified temporaries with the right balance of skills, experience and professionalism to meet the requirements of your task or project.


Whether you need to cover vacationing personnel, manage a sudden spike in caseload, or avoid costly permanent hires, our paralegals, attorneys, law clerks and support staff are only a phone call away.

Contract Attorneys.  Our large pool of licensed attorneys are available for detailed document review using the latest e-Discovery tools or to perform more substantive tasks such as contract analysis or corporate transactional work.

Foreign Language Attorneys. As the practice of law has become more global, so has the need for contract attorneys with foreign language proficiency.  Law Resources has attorneys who are fluent in languages from around the world for translation and analysis of foreign documents.

Experienced Paralegals With extensive experience in law firms or corporate legal departments, our paralegals are accomplished at deposition summarization, trial preparation and litigation management. While most have litigation backgrounds, many are skilled in other substantive areas of law. All hold four-year undergraduate degrees.


Entry-Level Paralegals and Project Assistants Our highly qualified entry-level paralegals are ideally suited to complex document litigation work and provide a cost-effective alternative to more experienced professionals. All are college graduates with excellent academic records, and most have professional work experience outside the legal profession.




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Benefits for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments


Working with Law Resources provides you with

  • Flexibility. With our flexible staffing solutions, you can quickly scale operations up or down as often as necessary without disrupting your permanent workforce. Since you pay only for the hours the temporaries work, and in many cases, these hours can be billed directly to clients, you save on overhead and avoid the costly commitment to a full-time hire.

  • Specialized expertise. Whether you need experienced paralegals or,contract attorneys, , we have outstanding, highly qualified candidates to serve your needs. Our meticulous screening process includes intensive interviewing, skills and experience evaluation, and credential verification. Next, motivation, attitude and communication skills are assessed. Finally, references are thoroughly checked before a professional becomes part of Law Resources' team.

  • Firsthand knowledge of the legal profession. Because Law Resources is owned and operated by law firm professionals, we know what it takes to get dozens of depositions summarized or trial exhibits organized by noon tomorrow. And we're proud of the fact that for more than two decades, we've helped law firms and businesses sharpen their competitive edge.

  • Quality without compromise. With Law Resources, you have a team of full-time legal staffing experts on your side. Instead of spending your valuable time evaluating applicants' educational backgrounds, skill sets, work experience and references, we do it all for you.


The bottom line. Achieving maximum efficiency becomes easier because you have just the right resources at your disposal when you need them. Law Resources becomes part of a flexible staffing strategy so you can cost-effectively deliver the quality you and your clients demand.


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Legal Staffing Help Is Just A Call Away


Looking for short-term staff to prepare for a big trial? In the market for a crackerjack paralegal, attorney or legal support staff to cover during a staff member’s vacation or leave of absence? Interested in evaluating a legal professional before filling a permanent position?


Whether you need trial, research or administrative support, Law Resources can provide you with just the right person to get the job done.


Here's how we work: You pick up the phone to let us know what you need. We'll check our skill-matching database to find the most qualified professionals, verify availability and determine who best suits your firm — all within your required response time. We provide the professional with the skill set and experience you need. Guaranteed.


Contact us today to learn more.


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