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What to Expect From Your Agency: Eight Essentials

To help ensure success, pick a temporary legal staffing agency that:

  1. Understands the work of legal support staff and has direct experience in meeting the staffing needs of major law firms.

  2. Screens every candidate thoroughly, not only for skills and experience, but also for harder-to-quantify qualities such as motivation and reliability.

  3. Responds promptly to your request with first-class professionals, well-suited to your specific needs.

  4. Provides dedicated temporaries committed to seeing your project through — accurately and efficiently — from start to finish.

  5. Engages temporaries who understand law firm culture and decorum, and who abide by the rules that you set out for them.

  6. Upon request, acts immediately to replace or remove temporaries whose services are unsatisfactory or no longer required.

  7. Offers additional services such as training programs for in-house staff in cite-checking and litigation management.

  8. Employs agency staff with the legal background and experience to help you maximize the efficiency of your permanent staff.


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